For Life Science Companies

Employment in the Greater Philadelphia biotech industry is expected to grow by 35 percent to 94 percent in the next 10 years using mid-range growth estimates, according to the recent Cell and Gene Therapy and Connected Health Workforce Analysis. 


Where will these new workers come from? Will they have the experience they need, to immediately contribute to our expanding industry?

Project Onramp is one way that Greater Philadelphia life science companies can ensure that they tap a local source of diverse talent as they advance their pipelines and mature.

We are looking for paid internships in hard science and in business disciplines, including marketing, communications, HR and administration. Offering Project Onramp internships is an investment in your industry’s future: you are giving talented students without access a way to learn about careers in the life sciences. 

Learn more about Project Onramp and how these talented college students can help your firm grow now and in the future. Please contact